The art of TEAMing and its future in an ever-changing world

Serile Crilia events are coming back after a long break. With this new edition, we celebrate 11 years of Crilia, 11 years in which we have worked with many individuals and teams and hopefully managed to make a positive change in how people work and how they look at relationships – work related or personal.

And we thought to make it as special as possible and this February, in celebrating #lunacriliană, we are looking at TEAMS.

So, we are bringing to Iași one of the savviest people that has been working with teams, leaders and organisations globally for over 25 years.

Harry Meintassis has been close to Crilia since 2021 as a mentor and a friend with doors wide open to his wisdom. With a keen eye for megatrends in leadership, teams and organisations, involved in numerous changing processes of global companies, being the wingman for many global leaders in transforming their teams and organisations to thrive amidst change and disruption, Harry sees people at the centre of any organisational transformation.

Looking at teams, he often speaks about turning disruption to advantage, the difference between survival and thriving, the need for exponential mindsets that create opportunity, the psychology of great leaders and the new work- life meaning & harmony.

For one evening, we invite you to be a part of a conversation about teams and their future.

And beware!!! This is not going to be a “sit and watch” type of event. You should bring your experience and questions and we will build together to find ways in which a team can be supported to thrive!


When: Friday, 24th of February 2023, at 17:30

Location:  Galeriile Cupola, Palatul Braunstein, Iași

How do I participate: Make a donation for The Center for Civic Involvement and Innovation Iași initiated by CIVICA and we will save you a seat. We recommend a 60 lei minimum donation, but feel free to donate whatever you feel is the value you will receive from this event! When donating, please make a mention in the ‘address’ field: Serile Crilia

The Center for Civic Involvement and Innovation Iași (Centrul pentru Implicare și Inovare Civică Iași) represents a space for support, growth, and consolidation of involvement and civic initiatives of citizens, civic groups, or NGOs interested in addressing a problem affecting the community in the city of Iași.

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About Harry

He is a Leadership and organisation strategist, working with leaders and communities to create a bright future together.

25 years of business and consulting experience, with global organizations

Held leadership roles with top advisory firms: Senior Manager, Business Transformation in Ernst & Young; Managing Director, South-East Europe in Hay Group; Managing Partner in Korn Ferry Romania.

Advises senior executives, at global scale, on leadership transformation, future of organisations and leading change.

Coaches CEOs, executives and senior leadership teams to bring strategy to life and maximize human potential.



And after the discussion, don’t go straight home! Plan some time for a relaxed discussion over a glass of wine! Meet new people, share ideas, share some laughter, connect! Just hold out your hand and say your name to someone you don’t know and start a conversation!

  • A few starting lines that could help you: 😉
  • Do you know Crina? What’s her favourite color?
  • Have you worked with Crilia before?
  • How big is your team?
  • How about that X thing Harry said?
  • Is it hot in here or is it the wine?
  • I believe I have seen you before, but I am not really sure. What do you do?
  • If you had the magic power what would you do for your team?
  • That are some very nice earrings!


PS. Try to avoid discussing only with people you already know